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    English / Shiyan induction science&Equpment Co.,LTD

    The power panel has a perfect state, such as LED indicator, digital display, LCD display, operation button, program key and so on. The operation mode has manual mode and programming mode. The control mode includes operation mode, external quenching control, external reset control, external emergency stop, chain control, power supply control and feedback control mode. And the starting frequency, password and so on can be set. The RS485 interface can be used.
    In the program mode, 1 - 15 independent quench steps can be set, each step can have 29 steps (STEP), each of which includes the power value (0-100%), the quenching time (0.1-6399sec) and so on.
    System parameters: power limit, percentage (0-100%), 100% power limit is 40KW.
    The limit of capacitance voltage;
    Water temperature protection;
    Inverter current limit;
    Communication address; baud rate; frequency range;
    State monitoring can monitor parameter status, water temperature status, date and time, historical parameters and so on.
    When the high-frequency voltage is within the range of + 10%, the output voltage of the high frequency power can be controlled within or below 1.5%, and the output power will be within the range of + 3%. The parameters conform to the national standard.
    The power supply has the function of automatic frequency detection and control. It automatically tracks the actual tuning frequency of the load, and maintains the most effective power and frequency output during the quenching cycle.
    With PLC control, the set voltage can be input on the CNC panel to control the output power of the power supply: automatically and directly into the running program, and the power control system can fit well with the machine tool. At the same time, the parameters (KW, Hz, A, V) can be used in the process of power supply quenching. Real time monitoring is carried out, and preservation, USB copy and so on are realized through microcomputer processing.
    Equipment fault automatic diagnosis function, and display fault information on control panel. 

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