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    English / Shiyan induction science&Equpment Co.,LTD

    Performance and configuration of ZTTP transistor medium frequency, super audio and induction heating power supply
    ZTTP transistor intermediate frequency, high frequency and super audio frequency induction heating power is introduced by German technology in 90s. Now, after upgrading, the product has reached the international level of similar products in the world. The IGBT transistor inverter device, can completely replace the pipe type super power, audio frequency power supply machine type thyristor intermediate frequency power supply and electronic tube, applicable to all kinds of metal heat treatment, welding, smelting, heating thermal processing industry etc..
    The efficiency of high efficiency and energy saving ZTTP transistor can reach more than 95%, high efficiency, energy saving and low operating cost. It is a kind of energy saving and environmental protection product.
    The frequency range is wide, the frequency range of the power supply can cover medium frequency and super audio frequency, no need to adjust any power source, that is, it can work at any frequency, and it can meet many kinds of process requirements. One machine is multipurpose.
    The high start rate high ZTTP transistor power supply is only 1/5 of the electronic tube power supply, and it saves the use of space.
    The service life long ZTTP transistor power supply has no life limit, and the maintenance cost is low.
    The protection system is safe. The ZTTP transistor power supply contains nearly 20 kinds of reliable protection functions, such as frequency, voltage, current maximum and minimum protection, equipment working process monitoring, water temperature monitoring and so on.
    The operation and debugging simple power supply has a fool type operation and monitoring mode. All kinds of misoperation and misoperation can be excluded. Users can install and debug themselves according to the instructions, without the need of the factory professionals to the scene.
    The transmission distance is far from that of the ZTTP transistor power supply, which can be connected to the long distance flexible cable and make the installation place flexible and flexible, so that the power supply can be widely applied. The transmission distance can reach 20 meters
    The use of the safe ZTTP transistor power supply has no high voltage power, which makes the operation and maintenance more safe.
    It is convenient for maintenance. All waterways and electric appliances are all connected by imported plug-ins. Rectifier and inverter adopt full module structure. All devices are equipped with enough overhaul space and equipped with overhaul lighting and socket. 

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